Elderly Care Plans

Over 500+ members have trusted our membership. We all have heard the old saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, then why wait for something to happen? With our care plans, we aim to provide not only required medical support but also provide continuous monitoring and preventive measures. With our dedicated services, we want to create trust and ensure that we are always taking care of your parents.

Membership Plans

Basic Plan

  • 3-month plan
  • Membership plans cover up to 2 people

Advance Plan

  • 3-month plan
  • Membership plans cover up to 2 people

Benefits Of Plans

Dedicated Health Manager

24/7 Emergency Team

Ambulance Service

Medicine Delivery at Home

Emergency Doctor On Call

Lab Tests At Home

1- Doctor's Home Visit

The doctor visit shall be as per the availability of the doctor. The patient can also choose the doctor’s visit at their convenience. Such request for a doctor’s visit shall be processed within 24 hrs. The timing for the doctor’s visit will be between 10.00 A.M. to 8 P.M. For emergency purposes, the customer can opt for tele- consultation as per the availability. For any emergency visit, an additional charge shall be payable by the patient/ customer to the doctor. Emergency charges shall be different for night and day visits.

2- Emergency Ambulance service

24×7 ambulance shall be available in case of any emergency with fully trained nursing staff for critical care.
It must be noted that the fare of a such ambulance shall be borne by the patient itself.
To book an ambulance, the patient/attendee needs to contact only one emergency number provided by the doozydoc or their respective health manager.
The ambulance service shall be provided by the partnered ambulance provider as per availability.

3- Tele-Consultation

This will be provided whenever the same is needed by the patient/ customer.
This service shall be available between 8A.M to 10.00 P.M but the customer can request tele consultation in odd hours only in case of emergency. Whether a request is of emergency or not will be decided by the health manager

4- Health Manager's Role

To take care of the patient and fulfil the medical demand as required. Respond to the calls of customers/patients on a priority basis. Assist the patient during checkups and doctor visits. He shall be responsible for obtaining appointments and assisting the patient during doctor visits in hospitals and clinics. To supply medicine and equipment as and when required by the patient/customer. To make a health chart and digital document file of the patient and inform/forward the same to the attendee. To make sure all the services are provided to the patient as per the schedule of the package selected.

5- 24x7 Emergency team

This team will be specially made to assist the patient/ customer concerning any medical emergency which includes services at night. Under emergency services, things included are ambulance services, a dedicated emergency team which includes nursing staff and a health manager (on-call)

Our Members

Mr & Mrs Dixit

“Nurse and GDA staff are taking good care of us. Your staff is very cooperative and compassionate. Their Advance plan has fulfilled all the medical needs we wish you all the good luck for this miraculous effort to make our life better.”

Purti Khanna

Ms. Purti Khanna had taken our
services first time for her mother at
the time of COVID, She said the staff was so selflessly involved and behaved so responsibly. She is informed time to
time about her mother’s well-being.

Mahima Rai

Ms. Mahima Rai took our Advance care plan for her parents. She said “DoozyDoc provided very professional services which exceeded my expectations. They have very well-trained, qualified and compassionate staff. Will surely recommended their services for Jaipur Netizens”

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