Elderly Healthcare Packages

We all have heard the old saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, then why to wait for something to happen? With our packages, we aim to provide not only required medical support but also provide continuous monitoring and preventive measures. With our dedicated services, we want to create trust and ensure that we are always taking care of your loved ones.

Currently we have introduced two healthcare packages: Advanced Elderly Package and Basic Elderly Care Package. In both the services, we delegate a dedicated health manager to look after your loved one. You can check the health manager’s scope of work below –

Healthcare Manager

To take care of the patient and fulfill the medical demand as required by them.

To respond to the calls of patients or their family on a priority basis.


  1. Assist the patient during check ups and doctor visits .
  2. Take appointments and assist the patient during doctor visits to hospitals or clinics.
  3. Arrange medicine and equipment as and when required by the patient.
  4. Coordinate with doctors, medical vendors, service providers as well as DoozyDoc’s nursing coordinators to provide GDA/Nursing staff to patients.
  5. Visit the patient weekly (advanced) or twice in a month (basic).
  6. Make regular care calls to patients.
  7. Provide regular week
  8. Make sure all the services are provided to the patient as per schedule of the package selected.
  9. Manage a dedicated WhatsApp group and private Google Drive folder with patient and his family to keep everyone informed and keep patient’s all medical records and files up-to date.