Staff Training & Covid Guidelines Meeting

Staff Training & Covid Guidelines Meeting

“Your safety is our priority.” Amid concerns over a fresh outbreak of Corona variant BF.7, we at Doozydoc have organised an urgent meeting to set the Covid Guidelines for our nursing staff, and other staff members.

We have organised in-house training for our Staff members, where they have learnt how to take care of covid patients with updated health routines and what precautions need to be followed.

We have discussed the advisory directed by Rajasthan Government and asked our team leaders to instruct the staff to properly follow it.

We will request our patients use the mask, and maintain social distancing in public areas.

We do not need to panic this time because our vaccination is quite strong and a majority of people have developed strong immunity against the virus.

But we have to follow the guidelines to make this situation under control.

Nursing care at home is beneficial for those who have recovered from covid recently because they need extra care in their daily routine, and they need help to perform exercise or yoga.

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