What is Critical Care?

Critical Care At Home is designed for patients who need intensive care services in the comfort of their homes. We help patients return home faster from the hospital yet continue with a high standard of medical & healthcare at home.

Critical Care at Home services includes the care and supervision of highly trained critical care therapists, experts and nurses at a significantly lower price than that of a hospital stay.

ICU at Home services are driven by a critical care team comprising Intensives, ICU Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Physiotherapists and others. They are extremely competent in handling chronically ill patients who need continuous close monitoring and nursing care, employing high-end medical equipment.

Critical Care at Home: Who Can Avail this Care?

With all the necessary medical equipment, including advanced ICU monitors, suction apparatus, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders, ventilator support, and ICU beds, for your loved one right at home.

With a wide range of medical equipment inventory, Doozydoc helps you in this setup seamlessly. But who exactly needs this service?

  • Seniors who are critically ill: As the name implies, this is a service for critically ill people who want to recover at home. Seniors who are on life-support need constant medical monitoring and facing the risk of medical complications.
  • Single or Multi-Organ Failure: Patients diagnosed with organ failures need continuous care that includes infusions, monitoring of the vitals, and other medical parameters. Critical care services from Doozydoc ensure they receive comprehensive care at home.
  • Patients with Severe Health Complications: Starting from post-operative care to care for complex health conditions, patients can count on Doozydoc critical care services. The experienced team offers personalized care to support oncology care and palliative care.

Combining the geriatric medical experience of close to a decade, DoozydocHomecare follows the best practices in critical care, making critical care at home a reliable care option at home for seniors.

What does Critical Care include?

ICU at home setup mainly comprises of the following:

  • Critical Care Nurse: The most significant member of the ICU team at home is the critical care nurse, who will take care of the patient’s daily medical needs like giving medicines, consulting the doctor, administering injections, checking daily progress and handling all medical equipment. An experienced critical care nurse makes a major difference in the recovery of a patient. 
  • Medical Equipment: An ICU setup at home requires technologically advanced medical equipment. This equipment varies from patient to patient. Some of the most commonly used medical equipment includes IV stand, Multi Para monitor, oxygen cylinder, suction machine, alpha mattress, nebulizer, DVT pump etc.
  • Bed Sore Management: Bedsores, if not paid attention to, can result in a severe infection for the patient and hinder the recovery process.  Thus, proper bedsore management includes change of dressing 2-3 times a day and proper use of air bed mattress.
  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy helps to improve the mobility of the body. Doozydoc provides well-trained physiotherapists at your doorstep, as a part of the ICU setup at home. 

What are the benefits of an ICU setup at home?

  • One biggest advantage of ICUs at home is that the recovery is great and it is extremely easy on the pocket considering the expenses of a hospital.
  • The patient is much happier and feels comfortable healing at home.
  • Can avoid all hospital-acquired infections.
  • Gets personalized care and the connection between the patient and the nurse or doctor is much better.
  • People with a lot of conditions related to respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological and other chronic conditions can avail ICU set up at home service upon their doctor’s advice.
  • Patients who are dependent on medical equipment that should be handled only by healthcare professionals.
  • Elderly people and patients who are terminally ill and need nursing support for monitoring their health status and administration of medications.
  • Cancer patients receiving treatment needing continuous support of ICU nurses.
  • Patients who have undergone the tracheostomy procedure and need nursing care.
  • ·        The most important benefit of the lot is that you do not have to run behind hospital status to know vacant ICUs for your loved one’s treatment anymore.
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